Swimwear And Tan Lines

03It’s never easy sporting a tan without tan lines in front of a lot of people. Unless you don’t care if people see you naked, then you generally have to go to a tanning salon to get that perfect tan. Recently, there have been many solutions found and one is getting a tan through swim wear.

The suit, which also comes in trendy plus size swimsuit, contains a lot of tiny holes wherein sun can easily access a person’s skin. How it works is not that complicated however, the trick is to make sure that the swimwear is sun through instead of see through. These holes exist in a high tech weaved material. This is why they come in bold, high contrast prints, so that they take away from the possibility of anyone being able to see through the pores of the material.

The material is also anti-bacterial and works whether wet or dry. In fact, it’s important to move around in the suit because it means that the pores expose more skin, and the tan you get is more even. A lot of people have been known not only to wear it to the beach or pool, but around the yard while gardening or doing other yard work.

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Types Of Chemical Pesticides

Heartland TurfGetting rid of pests on lawns can be a stressful task. That is why some homeowners rely on using pesticides. As of now, there are different pesticide categories. And, these pesticides offer different features. In case that you are making use of chemical pesticides, you can choose from the following types.

Organophosphate Pesticides

Organophosphate Pesticide is a type of pesticide that affects the nervous system by disrupting the enzymes that regulate acetylcholine. This type of pesticide was first created in the early 19th century. However, when using such pesticide, individuals need to make use of safety equipment since effects on insects can be experienced by humans as well.

Carbamate Pesticides

Carbamate Pesticide is also another chemical pesticide that disrupts the enzymes that regulate acetylcholine. However, the effects on the enzymes can be reversed.

Organochlorine Insecticides

Organochlorine Insecticide is one of the most common pesticide types used in the past. However, health organizations have removed this in the market due to its health and environmental effects.

Pyrethroid Pesticides

Pyrethroid Pesticide is known as the synthetic version of the natural pesticide pyrethin which is found in chrysanthemums. This pesticide is create to improve its effects and stability in the environment. And, this type of pesticide targets the nervous system of pests.

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World’s Unique Trees

Taylor's Trees And TurfTrees are known to provide wonderful benefits. For one, it provides shelter during extreme heat and rain. Next, trees help improve air quality. And, trees are also known to provide an extra appeal on properties. However, there are some trees that have unique features. To know more, below are some of the most unique trees.

Arbol del Tule

The Arbol del Tule is located in Oaxaca, Mexico. This tree is known to be a Montezuma Cypress that is 1600 years old. The Arbol del Tule has a circumference of 42.0m and a diameter of 14.05m. As of now, the Arbol del Tule is known to be the stoutest tree in the world.

Tree of Life

The so called Tree of Life is located in the desserts of Bahrain. It is known that the tree is over 400 years old. What makes the tree unique is it thrives in an unusual environment wherein water is quite rare.

Burmis Tree

The Burmis Tree is known as Canada’s most photographed tree since after dying and rotting away, the tree continued to stand tall. And, it does not even show signs of decomposition.


The Great Basin Bristlecone Pine in the White Mountains of California is the tallest tree in the world. Not until the Hyperion snatched it. The Hyperion is a redwood found in Northern California which is estimated at 115.61m tall. Sadly, the tree cannot grow anymore due to woodpecker damages.

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What Makes A Weed

Did you know that weeds are defined in different ways?

  • First, this is a plant growing where it is not wanted.
  • Second, it is a plant that often interferes with grazing or farming.
  • Third, it is a plant that wasn’t intentionally sown.
  • Fourth, it is a plant that is persistent and detrimental to the plants surrounding it.

Basically, weeds are plants that you do not want to have around for one reason or another.

Why Humans Hate Weeds

grass-375586_960_720Weeds have certain characteristics that irritate the human race. They grow and spread fast, hurting the surrounding plants. In turn, they deprive the healthy plants from getting enough nutrients in the soil and sunshine. Also, weeds are hardy, which means that they can live in extreme conditions and in places that are affected by human interference. This only means that weeds are very hard to exterminate from a lawn or garden completely.

Apart from that, weeds are plants that pose a threat to farmers and their crops. They can contaminate crops, reducing its quality and causing diseases. Most importantly, they produce toxins that infect the crop with chemicals, making it dangerous for human consumption.

Still, weeds offer some benefits. First, they provide soil stabilization as well as nectar for bees. Second, wildlife and humans consider them as food. Most importantly, they can be used as medicines.

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Surprising Social Media Facts

As more and more people are gaining access to the Internet, it becomes a weirder place. Indeed, there are plenty of surprises about the social media sites.


bubbles-1968275_960_720Did you know that more than 5 million FB users are under 10 years old? Despite the fact that the legal terms and conditions prohibit people under the age of 13 from utilizing the site, millions of children around the world have FB accounts.

More than 130 million FB users are fake. Facebook has around 1.23 billion monthly active users. This further means that between 67.65 million and 137.76 million accounts are fake or duplicates.

In 2012, users spent $1.85 billion on virtual FB credits. Such price could have bought about 50 private islands and 5 $100 million yachts.


Do you know who the queen of Twitter is? It is Katy Perry since he has more than 89 million followers. It is believed that this has something to do with the outfits.

A selfie is the most retweeted tweet. This was Ellen’s famous Oscar selfie. It is retweeted for more than 3.3 million times.


It will take 158 years for you to watch just a day’s worth of SnapChat stories. On an average, SnapChat stories will last for 10 seconds. It will definitely take you a very long time to watch the 500 million stories uploaded in just a day.

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Different Landscaping Styles For Your Homes

Green Acres GroupIn order to make homes and properties more appealing, more and more homeowners are planning to create landscapes on their property. Fortunately, there are numerous types of styles homeowners can choose from. Below are some of the most popular options.

Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean landscape styles are becoming popular these days since it features a warm and cozy appeal in the property. This is possible since this style make use of plants such as Palm trees and other Mediterranean plant varieties.

Japanese Garden Style

Another wonderful landscape style homeowners can opt for is the Japanese garden style. Japanese gardens feature numerous elements that can make backyards appealing. These include lanterns, fences, rocks as well as sand. With these elements, gardens can provide you a soothing experience.

Cottage Gardens

Cottage gardens are commonly created for raising crops to sustain families. But, these days, cottage gardens feature a whole new appearance. As of now, some individuals include flowers on their gardens to make it more appealing.

Southwest Landscape Design

Southwest styles are also a very popular theme since homeowners can make use of different type of garden decors as well as type of plants. Other than that, when opting for southwest landscape designs, individuals can also create hardscapes.

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UAE License Plates

en.plate.laLicense plates are important in vehicles to give them an identity. In this way, authorities can easily determine which vehicles do not abide by the rules and regulations. In order to properly identity vehicles, countries have their own types of license plates. In case that you are moving to UAE, below are some of the plate numbering design and system you can see.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi license plates can easily be noticed due to its red bands on left or middle sides. Another common feature individuals can see in cars in Abu Dhabi is it has one of the numbers 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 or 17 (for year) in red bands on top or left side.


Ajman license plates on the other hand can have one of the letters: A, B, C, D and E. Plus, individuals can also notice numbers with a maximum 5 digits.


Dubai license plates can be distinguished easily since plates have one of the letters: A to Z, on a white plate and numbers containing a maximum 5 digits.


Fujairah license plates can also be noticed since it features one of the letters: A to G, K, M, P, R, S, or T, on a white plate as well as a maximum 5 digits.

Ras al Khaimah

Ras al-Khaimah license plates can have one of the letters: A, C, D, I, K, M, N, S, V or Y which use a white plate. Apart from that, individuals can also notice a fort on the top side of the plate.


Sharjah license plates contain one of the numbers: 1 or 2. And uses an orange or a white plate. With regard to numbers, Sharjah uses a maximum 5 digits.

Umm al Quwain

Umm al-Quwain license plates also features one of the letters: A, B, G or X, using a white plate and also contain a maximum 5 digits.

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