What Makes A Weed

Did you know that weeds are defined in different ways?

  • First, this is a plant growing where it is not wanted.
  • Second, it is a plant that often interferes with grazing or farming.
  • Third, it is a plant that wasn’t intentionally sown.
  • Fourth, it is a plant that is persistent and detrimental to the plants surrounding it.

Basically, weeds are plants that you do not want to have around for one reason or another.

Why Humans Hate Weeds

grass-375586_960_720Weeds have certain characteristics that irritate the human race. They grow and spread fast, hurting the surrounding plants. In turn, they deprive the healthy plants from getting enough nutrients in the soil and sunshine. Also, weeds are hardy, which means that they can live in extreme conditions and in places that are affected by human interference. This only means that weeds are very hard to exterminate from a lawn or garden completely.

Apart from that, weeds are plants that pose a threat to farmers and their crops. They can contaminate crops, reducing its quality and causing diseases. Most importantly, they produce toxins that infect the crop with chemicals, making it dangerous for human consumption.

Still, weeds offer some benefits. First, they provide soil stabilization as well as nectar for bees. Second, wildlife and humans consider them as food. Most importantly, they can be used as medicines.

Trivia Info Resource: www.leafylandscapes.com


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