Swimwear And Tan Lines

03It’s never easy sporting a tan without tan lines in front of a lot of people. Unless you don’t care if people see you naked, then you generally have to go to a tanning salon to get that perfect tan. Recently, there have been many solutions found and one is getting a tan through swim wear.

The suit, which also comes in trendy plus size swimsuit, contains a lot of tiny holes wherein sun can easily access a person’s skin. How it works is not that complicated however, the trick is to make sure that the swimwear is sun through instead of see through. These holes exist in a high tech weaved material. This is why they come in bold, high contrast prints, so that they take away from the possibility of anyone being able to see through the pores of the material.

The material is also anti-bacterial and works whether wet or dry. In fact, it’s important to move around in the suit because it means that the pores expose more skin, and the tan you get is more even. A lot of people have been known not only to wear it to the beach or pool, but around the yard while gardening or doing other yard work.

Info Trivia Resource: http://www.blueinkbeachwear.com/


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