World’s Unique Trees

Taylor's Trees And TurfTrees are known to provide wonderful benefits. For one, it provides shelter during extreme heat and rain. Next, trees help improve air quality. And, trees are also known to provide an extra appeal on properties. However, there are some trees that have unique features. To know more, below are some of the most unique trees.

Arbol del Tule

The Arbol del Tule is located in Oaxaca, Mexico. This tree is known to be a Montezuma Cypress that is 1600 years old. The Arbol del Tule has a circumference of 42.0m and a diameter of 14.05m. As of now, the Arbol del Tule is known to be the stoutest tree in the world.

Tree of Life

The so called Tree of Life is located in the desserts of Bahrain. It is known that the tree is over 400 years old. What makes the tree unique is it thrives in an unusual environment wherein water is quite rare.

Burmis Tree

The Burmis Tree is known as Canada’s most photographed tree since after dying and rotting away, the tree continued to stand tall. And, it does not even show signs of decomposition.


The Great Basin Bristlecone Pine in the White Mountains of California is the tallest tree in the world. Not until the Hyperion snatched it. The Hyperion is a redwood found in Northern California which is estimated at 115.61m tall. Sadly, the tree cannot grow anymore due to woodpecker damages.

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