The Top Countries With The Most Number Of Immigrants

Today, most people are actually considering the idea of migrating to other countries which can provide them with better job, better living and better future. More and more people are really planning to relocate to another country mainly because of these reasons. And so, there are countries that are listed as the top when it comes to their number of immigrants. Check them out below:

– United States. There are at least 45 million immigrants. Since The US is said to be the “land of opportunity”, hence, many people from many different parts of the world really want to relocate and live in the US.

– Russia. Since mid-1990’s, Russia made it easier for people to migrate, hence as of the present there are around 11 million immigrants in Russia. People from the neighbouring places migrated to Russia mainly because the country offers higher wages as compared to their neighbouring countries.

– Germany. With around 9.8 million immigrants, Germany is the third country with the highest number of immigrants. Many people were attracted to the country’s stronger economy and undergoing transformation to its political landscape.

– Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has more than 9.1 million immigrants. About 1/3 of the country’s population are immigrants.

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