Popular Wood Used In Creating Swing Sets

SwingSlideClimbSwing sets are popular playing items of children. But, these swings can also be good decorations on your property since swing sets are made from different items such as metal, plastic and even wood. As of now, parents prefer to invest in wooden swing sets since it provides a contemporary look on their property. It gets even better since parents can choose from different woods. Below are some of the most popular wood used in swing sets.

Cedar – Cedar is naturally resistant to rot, decay and damage. That is why, a lot of swing set manufacturers use such wood. In addition, cedar is also affordable, but durable.

Redwood – Redwood trees especially the California Redwood is another popular wood used in creating swing sets. Like Cedar, the Redwood is naturally resistant to rot, decay and damage. This is possible since it contains tannin, a natural chemical harmless to humans and animals, but toxic to fungi.

Premium Preserved Pine – Finally, some swing set manufacturers also make use Premium Preserved Pine since this wood is known as one of the most durable of all wood that is used today because the pine is preshrunk and preserved.

Trivia Info Source From: swingslideclimb.com.au


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