Most Popular Japanese Engines

TS EXPORTWhen buying a car, most car buyers inspect the engine. Of course, in order to have a smooth and safe travel, you need to make sure that you engine is in good running condition. Apart from that, checking the engine can also help you ensure that you have a good quality car. As of now there are different types of reliable and powerful Japanese engines you may find in cars. Below are some of the following.

Nissan SR20DET

The Nissan SR200DET is one of the most popular engines since it produces 201 to 250 horsepower. IN addition, the engine has a 2.0 liter displacement containing a dual overhead cam design, electronic fuel injection and a turbo charger. And, this engine is commonly installed in the Nissan Bluebird, Silvia and Pulsar Gti-R.

Subaru EJ20

Another popular Japanese engine that can make your drive more exciting is the Subaru EJ20. The EJ20 is a 2.0 liter boxer motor that features a single or twin cam setup. In addition, the EJ20 was also offered naturally aspirated or turbocharged, which is also known as the EJ20T. This engine is commonly installed in the Legacy, WRX, and WRX STi.

Toyota 2JZ-GTE

The Toyota 2JZ-GTE is a 3.0 inline six cylinder twin turbo charged motor that produces 276hp, while the US version offers 321hp. And, this engine is found on the Toyota Supra. When modified, the engine can produce over 1000hp.

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