Types Of Televisions

Jim's AntennasWhen it comes to entertainment, individuals are numerous options. However, when talking about indoor entertainment, the most popular activity that individuals do is to watch on their televisions. As of now, there are numerous types of televisions individuals can purchase. And, each television provides different features. To know more, below are some of the following.

Direct View

Direct view also known as tube television was the early type of TV. This devices produces pictures with the use of a cathode ray tube, which is a specialized vacuum tube. Even though this is the oldest type of TV, some experts claim that tube televisions are long-lasting and acclaimed for retaining a good picture.

Digital Light Processing

The digital light processing television has the ability to process light digitally with the aid of an optical semiconductor called a Digital Micromirror Device or DMD chip. Not to mention, these types of TVs are not susceptible to burn-in.

Liquid Crystal Display

Liquid crystal display is the most popular type of television these days. This type of TV is thin and light. However, LCDs have certain issues. For one, it shows a ghost effect which is caused by slow response time. Another issue that individuals may encounter when using LCDs is a screen door effect.

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