Most Common Household Pests In Australia

Jims Termite Pest ControlAs of now, pest infestation is one of the most common problems of homeowners. Apart from damaging homes fixtures, pests also carry different types of diseases that can be transmitted to individuals. That is why, more and more homeowners invest in pest control products. But, in order to ensure the effective of these products, you must first know what kind of pests infest your homes. In Australia, there are numerous pests that breed in homes. Below are some of the following.


Termites are the most popular pests homeowners find in their homes. Researchers claim that 1 in 4 Australian homes have termites. Not to mention, termites cause $7,000 to $8,000 cost of damage to homes.


Another common pest that Australian homeowners usually find in their homes is cockroaches. Cockroaches breed on warm areas such as kitchens and wall cavities. Sadly, cockroaches carry different types of diseases that can easily be transmitted since they feed on any type of food.


Wasps are also a huge pest problem since it can ruin lawns and landscapes. In addition, some wasps can also breed in your homes which can be quite dangerous since a large wasp nest contain over 25,000 wasps.


Ants are also very common pest problems in homes. These ants enter houses to search for food. However, there are cases when ants breed in homes in order to have good access to food supply.

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