Common Types Of TV Antennas

Jim's AntennaIn order to watch your favourite shows clearly, it is important for homeowners to install and make use of antennas. But, homeowners need to be aware that there are different types of antennas they can make use of that can accommodate their needs. Below are some of the most common types of TV antennas.

Indoor antennas

Indoor TV antennas can be placed on top of the TV, a shelf, an entertainment center, or anywhere the user likes. Some of them can even be mounted to the wall.

Outdoor antennas

Outdoor TV antennas are used to pick up more signals from farther away. These antennas are typically much larger than the indoor type and take much more effort to install. In addition, these antennas require various screws, mounting hardware, and a length of cable.

Digital HD antennas

With the advancements of technology, more and more homeowners are making use of HDTVs. However, these TVs cannot receive signals from typical antennas. So, homeowners need to invest in a digital HD antenna. A digital HD antenna is designed solely to take advantage of HD television signals. With the use of such antenna, your TV can still pick up the standard signals anytime there is no HD signal available.

Amplified antennas

An amplified antenna is a device that adds external power to the frequency, and outputs the same signal with more clarity and intensity. With this, weak TV signal can be improved easily and more efficiently.

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