Traditional Sports In Abu Dhabi

Zayed Sports CityBasketball, volleyball, tennis and soccer; these are some of the most popular sport activities individuals enjoy. However, back in the days in places like Abu Dhabi, individuals play more interesting activities. To know more, below are some of the traditional sports individuals play.

Camel Racing

Camel racing was originally staged to mark important social occasions such as wedding ceremonies, community festivals or the visits of Sheikhs to the bedouin villages. Today, camel racing is a well organised traditional sport that attracts huge number of spectators from ordinary people to members of the ruling families.

Equestrian Sports

Another traditional sports individuals in Abu Dhabi enjoy is equestrian sports. Equestrian is like camel racing. Most individuals who play this sports are from both members of royal families and ordinary citizens.


Falconry was originally practised by bedouins to hunt hares and Houbara for food and later developed into a traditional sport with strict rules and practices. Falconry is still a popular sport among a sizable Emirati population, with UAE nationals making up a significant percentage of the world’s falconers today.

Dhow Racing

Dhow racing is a Ttraditional boat racing involves traditional boats called dhows, which were used in the past for pearl diving or merchandise transportation. Dhow races are held during the winter season, and use 40-60 feet dhows and up to 100 oarsmen who use their physical strength and traditional practices.

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