Most Popular Concrete Finishes

EasyMixSalesWhen it comes to flooring, homeowners have different preferences and needs. This is why, there are numerous types of concrete flooring finishes to choose from. To help you find the right flooring surface, below are some of the most popular options.


Polished concrete floors feature a gleaming shine, which can create the look of waxed floors without the effort of waxing. This can be achieved by making use of heavy–duty polishing machines which will gradually grind down the surface of your concrete floors until they are as smooth and shiny as you want. This type of finish is ideal indoors to help you illuminate rooms easily.


Sealed concrete finishes can protect floors from water, weather, abrasives, and stains. Today, you can choose from clear concrete sealers or colored seals to make colored concrete floors appear more vibrant. In addition, sealed concrete floors allow homeowners to clean concrete floor more efficiently. This is ideal on areas that are commonly wet like kitchens and garages.


Scored concrete finishes are created with the use of circular saws. These saws are used to make shallow cuts in existing concrete, imitating tile grouts or creating geometric designs and patterns.


Stamped concrete finishes give the concrete floor the textured appearance of materials like brick, stone, wood planks, slate, tile, or other types of flooring.

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