Most Common Audio Visual Problems

Level-ProductionWhen organizing an event, hiring an AV company is important. With these experts, you can create more appealing event venues. Not to mention, entertainment during events can become more exciting. However, there are issues that occur during these events with regard to audio visual. Luckily, these experts are knowledgeable in dealing with these problems. But, in order to ensure that you can also help prevent these issues, it is vital to know the most common audio visual problems. Below are some of the following.

Sound is distorted

Trainings and seminars are the most common events business owners organize. However, these events can turn into a disaster when the voice of the speaker is distorted. To prevent this, individuals need to check the main power of the amplifier. Next, you need to check the volume. And, turn off other devices when there is static.

Projector bulb is burned out

Another common audio visual problem individuals can experience during events is a burned out projector bulb. Because of this, you cannot display any item on the screen. This can be fixed easily by replacing the bulb. To ensure effectiveness, make sure that you install the bulb properly.

Computer does not display on projector screen

Finally, there are also cases when the computer does not display on projector screen. Thus, individuals need to check connections. It is also important to check if your computer is compatible with the projector.

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