Types Of Cabinets

UltimateStorageWhen owning a house, it is important for you to make it appealing and functional. Because of this, more and more homeowners are looking for home fixtures that can accommodate their needs. And, the best option is to invest in cabinets. As of now, there are numerous types of cabinets individuals can choose from. Below are some of the following.


A standard base cabinet is 24 inches deep and 36 inches tall. This type of cabinet is the very common for homeowners since they can easily store items.


A wall cabinet is generally 12 inches deep but can be increased to 17 inches. This cabinet is ideal for homes with tight spaces. Other than that, wall cabinets are also ideal in garages to help homeowners secure their tools properly and to prevent kids from reaching such items.


Tall cabinets are typically 83.5 inches in height. This cabinet is ideal when storing huge items. Not to mention, these cabinets can also be used as cleaning storage.

Specialty Units

Specialty units are storage items that help maximize square footage and organization efforts. These include corner cabinets, sink or cooktop fronts, suspended units, hutches, bottle racks and appliance garages. This type of cabinet great for homeowners who wish to create a unique appeal in their homes.

Trivia Info Source From: www.ultimatestorage.com.au



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