Most Common Roof Problems

GTRoofingAndGutteringAs of now, one of the most important items that can make homes safer and more appealing are roofing systems. This is possible since most roofing systems are made from reliable and durable materials. In addition, roofing manufacturers offer different colours and styles that can match your preferences. However, roofing systems can also be damaged due to numerous factors. To more about this, below are some of the most common roof problems homeowners may encounter.

Leaking Scupper Drain

A leaking scupper drain is commonly experienced on houses with flat roofs. Almost all flat roofs have roof drains. Sadly, this roof drains deteriorate in time from its coating up to seals which cause leaks.

Split In Roofing

A split or opening in the roofing material is another common roof problem. This problem is commonly caused by poor roof care, improper roof installation, and many others.

Clogged drain roof

Another roof problem that homeowners encounter is a clogged drain roof. Debris can be collected around the roof drain. Thus, during rainy seasons, rain water can be stuck. And, this leads to unnecessary problems such as roof leaks and premature roof failure.

Tree branches on roof

For homeowners with trees near their homes, they can also experience issues when tree branches are on the roof. When tree branches grow into the roof surface unnecessary debris build-up will occur and damage to the roof will occur as well. Apart from that, branches can also scratch roof coating which can result in rust.

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