Types Of Lawn Turf

StrathAyrAs of now, there are numerous ways in creating a lawn. And, one of the best and most effective ways is to invest in lawn turf. Thankfully, there are numerous service providers who offer amazing lawn turf. Below are some of the most common lawn turf types.

Traditional lawn turf

A traditional lawn turf is a mixture of lawn grasses. This is commonly sold in garden centres, DIY stores and turf specialists. One of the main benefits of using such lawn turf is that it is hardwearing and flexible with regard to maintenance.

Fine turf

Fine turf is another popular type of lawn turf. Fine turf can be, and often is, mown very close to the ground. However, this type of lawn turf is not particularly wear tolerant and it can be prone to disease too.

Shade tolerant turf

Shade tolerant turf is normally a slightly paler green than traditional turf and it does have a broader leaf to it. This type of lawn turf is also tough, but not tough as traditional turf.

Wildflower turf

Wildflower turf features many different plant species. In addition, this type of grow to about knee-height, be full of wild flowers. But, wildflower turf is not really designed for rough and tumble but it is fairly tough.

Trivia Info Source From: www.strathayr.com


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