The Common Types Of Shipping Containers

ContainersFirstAs of now, shipping containers are very popular since there are numerous ways to repurpose it from creating sheds, houses and even garage and storage units. However, before purchasing one, it is important to know the types of shipping containers offered by sellers. Below are some of the following.

Dry shipping containers

Dry shipping containers are the most popular containers. As of now, there are different sizes of dry containers from 20m and 40m in length. This type of containers are commonly used to transport all types of general, or dry, cargo.

Refrigerated shipping containers

Refrigerated shipping containers are insulated and are climate controlled to keep things at a standard temperature. This type of container is commonly used to transport any items that are temperature sensitive like vegetables and medical items.

Flat Rack shipping containers

Flat rack containers are commonly used in transporting heavy loads, oversized loads such as heavy equipment and construction and building supplies.

Vented shipping container

Vented shipping containers are not very common since this container is only used to transport items that need extra ventilation such as vegetables and fruits.

High cube shipping containers

High cube containers are typically used in transporting light, large cargo. Plus, this type of shipping container is commonly used as storage units due to its length and size.

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