Common Types Of Lawn Top Dress

PleasantGreenGrassMost individuals are looking for ways to keep lawns healthy and appealing. Fortunately, there are numerous services individuals can choose from. But, one of the most important services individuals must not forget is top dressing. Top dressing is the process wherein individuals apply thin materials on the soil to reduce thatch buildup and to improve better seeding and overseeding. As of now there are numerous types of lawn top dress. Below are some of the following.


Compost top dress can help improve soil structure since it balances pH levels on soil. In addition, compost is often credited with fixing much of what ails a lawn, including thatch and lawn disease. However, this type of top dress is quite expensive.


Topsoil top dressing uses the same topsoil you might use when starting a new landscape can also be used to supplement it when top dressing your lawn. When using this type of top dress, individuals can improve drainage on lawns.


Sand top dressing helps water retention, especially for lawns with heavy, clay soils which can have drainage problems. When using sand top dress after aeration, it fills the holes and helps change the soil structure, improving its drainage and increasing the growth of healthy grass.

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