Types Of Soil Aeration Equipment

WillasLandscapeAeration is one of the most essential service garden owners need to opt for in order to keep soil and plants healthy. By opting for such service, soil can loosen which will allow plants to grow deep roots. In addition, aeration can also help plants to obtain essential nutrients easily. But, in order to ensure that these benefits can be obtained, you need to use the right tools. Below are some of the types of soil aeration equipment individuals can make use of.

Hand Aerator

Hand aerators resemble a rake by loosening up the surface soil which enhances access to water and air by the roots. Sadly, hand aerators can be quite strenuous to use since a lot of effort is required of the hands to disturb the soil with the aerator.

Aerator Shoes

Aerators shoes have spikes a couple of inches long which create holes in the lawn surface which allows air, water and nutrients to flow through better.

Spike Aerators

Spike aerators have long spikes at the end which you push into the soil. And, these spikes cause small holes when worked into the soil surface. Like the hand aerators, several types of spike aerators are available.

Rolling Aerators

Rolling aerators are one of the most efficient aeration tools on the market since it creates holes quickly and effectively which improves distribution of water, air and nutrients to the root system.

Trivia Info Source From: www.wallislandscape.com


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