Signs Of Pest Infestation In Lawns

MeadowLawnAndLandscapeWhen owning a lawn, most individuals do their best to make their lawns appealing and healthy. However, there are still instances that can damage it. And, one of the most common problems is pest infestation. In order to determine this, below are some of the common signs of pest infestation.

Patches of Dying Lawn

The first sign of pest infestation is patches of dying lawn. This is a good indicator of pests that are eating the roots of your grass. Most of the time, grubs are the common cause of this issue. Sadly, neglecting this issue can only make thing worse.

Stripes of Dead Grasses

Another sign of pest infestation is stripes of dead grasses. This sign is commonly done by mole crickets. And, these stripes are caused by the crickets gnawing through the roots of your grass as they tunnel through the lawn.

Dirt Mounds

Dirt mounds are also good indicators of pest infestation. And, the main culprit is moles. There are times that moles are beneficial since they eat insects on your soil. However, they can ruin lawns since they do tunnels on your lawns, which can kills lawns.


Burrows are also good indicators of pests. These holes are commonly created by large animals or insects that search for food on your lawns.

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