Types Of Epoxy Floor Coating

ConcreteColourSystemsWhen protecting floors, more and more individuals are opting for epoxy floor coating. Apart from protecting floors, this coating also helps make establishments safer and more appealing. However, in order to obtain the best benefits, you need to choose the right floor coating. Below are some of the most common epoxy floor coating types.

Solvent Borne Epoxy

Solvent borne epoxy is the oldest type of epoxy coating solution. When using such coating, you need to make sure that you mix epoxy with a relatively high amount of organic compound called a solvent that eventually dries up and evaporates when the epoxy is applied, which leaves a hard epoxy coating on the floor.

Waterborne Epoxy

Waterborne epoxy is a type of epoxy that is water soluble and uses water as its main carrier, not solvents. This type of epoxy coating is not as reactive as solvent based epoxies, making it safer. However, this type of epoxy coating is used mainly for hydrostatic pressure applications on concrete and concrete.

100% Solids Epoxy

This kind of epoxy tries to completely do away with a fluid carrier, and is just pure epoxy, which is the main reason it is called 100% solids epoxy. Because of this, it can be very versatile and adaptable in its numerous applications.

Trivia Info Source From: www.concretecoloursystems.com.au


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