Compost Pile Types

VistaTurfCompost is commonly used by homeowners due to its affordability and effectiveness. Not to mention, there are numerous types of compost piles homeowners can create in order to accommodate their needs. To know more, below are some of the most common types.

Deliberate Style Compost

A deliberate style compost is a pile wherein individuals pile green and brown materials alternatively. In this way, individuals can promote better moisture. This is possible since green materials produce nitrogen. Meanwhile, brown materials provide carbon.

Free Form Style Compost

A free form style compost is a compost pile that consists of anything you may find. When opting for this type of compost, it is important to turn the pile continuously and add up new materials to make it more effective.

Biodynamically Fortified Compost

A biodynamically fortified compost is a compost pile that allows individuals to provide herb-based features to the compost. These herbs can add different types of benefits for your plants which helps it to grow properly and healthily.

Hot, Killer Compost

Finally, a hot killer compost is a pile that can build up heat. Fortunately, this heat can kill weed seeds as well as pathogens on the soil making it healthier.

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