Types Of Organic Fertilizers

LawnConceptsFertilizing lawns is important to help them obtain the right nutrients which will allow them to grow properly and healthily. However, there are numerous types of fertilizers individuals can choose from. And, one of the most popular fertilizers used these days is organic fertilizers. To know more, below are some of the types of organic fertilizers.


Plant-based fertilizers break down quicker than other organic fertilizers. However, this type of fertilizer focuses on conditioning the soil than providing nutrients. Because of this, these fertilizers are ideal in areas wherein soil is poor. Some of the most common items used in creating plant-based fertilizers are molasses, kelp seaweed, legume cover crops and even compost tea.


Animal-based fertilizers are known to produce lots of nitrogen in the soil, which is a key ingredient for growing plants. Not to mention, this also allows plants to have greener leaves and better growth. This type of fertilizer is created from fish emulsion, milk, urine as well as manure.


Mineral-based fertilizers are commonly used in adding nutrients to the soil, as well as raising or lowering the pH level when needed for healthy plant growth. The most common nutrients that are released in the soil are calcium, magnesium and sulfur.

Trivia Info Source From: www.lawnconcepts.com


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