Most Expensive Swimwear

Blue Ink BeachwearThere are some individuals who are not content of becoming typical. That is why, they look for ways and even items that can help them standout. Because of this, when planning for a beach vacation, individuals can find expensive swimwear that can blow their pockets out. To know more, below are some of the most expensive swimwear individuals can find.

Agent Provocateur’s Soirée collection

This swimwear provides a refreshing experience due to its numerous features. For one, wearers can remove the chokers and chains. Next, the swimwear boasts of a pair of concealed underwire cups. And, it also features large eyelets that are detailed with gold accessories. With all these features, women can use this swimwear for over nine hundred dollar for a set.

Matthew Zink Bronze Crystal Deco Bikini

This swimwear features halter-neck string bikini and studded with more than 2600 Swarovski crystals. Sadly, there are only 10 of these bikinis that costs for a thousand dollars.

La Perla’s Sequinned Design

The La Perla’s Sequinned Design is known to be one of the most aesthetically design swimwear featuring a halter-neck as well as padded detailing. Other than that, this swimwear also features sequins. And, women can make use of this swimwear on the beach for over a thousand dollars.

Susan Rosen’s Diamond Bikini

Susan Rosen’s bikini features diamonds and pearls. It is also accentuated by using platinum cords and also a stunning necklace. Because of this, the swimwear is known to cost at 2,966,463,305 USD.

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