Most Common Types Of Address Plaques

SandleFordJust like cars, homes have their unique numbers in order to owners to identify their property. However, when it comes to address plaques, homeowners have a wide range options to ensure that these plaques can complement or even make their homes more appealing. To know more, below are the most common types of address plaques homeowners can make use of.

Wall plaques

One of the most common address plaques used by homeowners these days are wall plaques. These plaques are attached directly to the side of a home or garage. These wall plaques are created from different materials from simple timber up to sparkling glass.

Lawn plaques

The next address plaques that that used by homeowners is the lawn plaque. Lawn plaques stand out in yards. This is very common for homeowners that have a garden in front of their homes. Fortunately, these plaques can be placed on top of mail boxes to provide better visibility and to increase the appeal of mailboxes.

Hanging plaques

There are also some homeowners who make use of hanging plaques. These plaques hang from a pole, bar or light fixture. Some homeowners also create unique plaques making use of interesting items such as stainless steel and aluminum plaques to ensure that it can withstand different weather conditions.

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