Most Popular Lighting Products For Events

ProLabLLCLighting is important during events in order to improve comfort, provide better visibility and increase safety. However, in order to meet such goals, it is best that you know the right lighting product for your event. To help you, below are some of the most popular lighting products you can use in your event.

Par Can

A par can features a flat light that is evenly over a wide area. This is commonly used in lighting stages.

Spot light

A spot light produces a narrow light which is tightly focused on certain areas. This lighting is commonly used in podiums or signages.

Follow Spot

A follow spot is a moving lighting product which can be operated manually or by using a control. This type of light is commonly used to follow a presenter or performer.


A gobo features a pattern of pre-cut design into a piece of thin metal that fits into a fixture. With this, event organizers can create appealing designs or even company logos on their event.


A Fresnel is a lens that produces a “stepped” look with soft edges that create soft shadows rather than a flat look with sharp edges. This type of lighting is most often used for back light or side light.

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