Types Of Car Auctions

TS EXPORTThere are instances when individuals are searching for cars that are for sale in affordable rates. Fortunately, auction houses can be a good option. Auction houses most sell used or new cars from private and company sellers. Rates in these auction houses are better since cars are sold depending on their condition. But, before searching for auctions, it is best to know the types of car auctions. Below are some of the following.

Wholesale auto auctions

Wholesale auto auctions are auctions that are only available to licensed car dealers. But, there are cases when this type of auction is open to the public. Not to mention, cars that sold at these auctions typically include vehicles that have been used as a trade-in, repossessed, or used cars over four years old.

Police auto auctions

Police auto auctions are known to be as government auctions. This type of auction consist of vehicles that have been confiscated in the course of government investigations and legal forfeitures as well as vehicles that are considered abandoned. Fortunately, these auctions are generally open to the public.

Salvage auctions

Salvage auctions also known as insurance auctions are auctions that sell vehicles that have been involved in accidents and are being sold by insurance companies. These auctions are typically open only to licensed dealers.

Trivia Info Source From: TS-EXPORT.com


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