Most Common Wall Mounted Mailboxes Designs

SandlefordAs of now, there are different types of mailboxes homeowners can choose from. And, one of the most popular one is the wall mounted mailbox. Apart from its unrivaled security, wall mounted mailboxes can easily improve their looks of the front of your homes. Not to mention, there are also numerous wall mounted mailbox designs to choose from. Below are some of the following.

Soho Mailbox

This wall mounted design features five classic body colours. These include sand, white, pearl gray, bronze and black. As a result, this mailbox is ideal for homes that feature a classic design.

Metropolis Mailbox

The metropolis mailbox is a modern design of wall mounted mailboxes. It features to stainless steel finishes from progressive swirl and brushed satin. Thus, this mailbox is suitable in modern homes since stainless steel can complement any home designs.

Lunada Mailbox

The lunada mailbox showcases a classic design since it features the same color palate that is features in Soho wall mounted mailboxes.

Peninsula Mailbox

The peninsula mailbox offers a premium look since it features an optional “eternity design.” The eternity design is created from embossing on your choice of antique brass, satin nickel, or antique copper finishes.

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