Some Facts And Creative Uses For Bubble Wrap

35941_115805565137589_6748302_nDid you know that January 26 is the Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day? This is a whole day dedicated for cushioning material that is perfect for protecting your parcels and popping your stress away.

Bubble Wrap’s History
In 1957, bubble wrap was created by Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes who are both engineers. This was originally called Air Cap. They first marketed the material as textured wallpaper. If it failed to pop with consumers, they sell it as greenhouse insulation. However, it was not until IBM needed something that will protect their shipment of their new 1401 Data Processing System in 1960 that it started to take off.

Bubble Wrap’s Health Benefit
Did you know that bubble wrap make a person healthier? In 2012, the maker of bubble wrap brand cushioning performed a survey and respondents claimed that with more than a minute of popping bubble, they become relieved from stress. The effect was actually equivalent to a 33-minute massage.

Creative Uses

Windshield Protection – If you are tired of scraping you windshield during winter, you can cover it with bubble cushioning the night before as this will reduce frost.

Window Insulator – You can cut a sheet of bubble cushioning and place it in your window. Spray the window with water and place the flat side against the glass. This will offer instant insulation. And since it is clear, you will not lose the natural light.

Prevent Damage When Moving – You can wrap sharp corners of tables and desks in bubble cushioning so walls can’t be scratched.

Plant Protection – Before frost hits, you can wrap your plotted plant containers in order to keep the soil frost-fee and warm.

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