Types Of Recruitment Agencies

Infinity-StaffingMost employers think that recruitment agencies are all the same. Of course, these agencies have a single goal in common, and it is to provide you with the best employees. However, there are numerous recruitment agencies to choose from. To know more, below are some of the most popular agencies.

Contingency Based Agencies

Contingency based agencies are commonly known as employment agencies since they work with client companies to find suitable candidates by matching a candidate’s qualifications and skills with the company’s requirements. After which, a short interview is conducted followed by a reference or background check. This type of agency is ideal when you are searching for administrative jobs.

Retained Search Agencies

Retained agencies usually handle senior level positions in an industry since are also as executive search firms.

Temp Agencies

Temp agencies also known as staffing agencies usually hire employees or candidates to fill temporary positions in an organization. This is quite common due to seasonal increases or an employee leaving the organization on a temporary basis like maternity leave. Other than that, temp agencies act as a bridge between temporary jobs and full time employment.

Niche Recruiting Agencies

Niche recruitment agencies are known to provide some of the best staffing services since they ensure that a candidate is highly skilled and perfectly matches the criteria of a client company.

Trivia Info Source From: infinity-staffing.biz


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