Types Of Strip Clubs

Silkson19When talking about strip clubs, most individuals think of nude girls dancing on the stage and drinks and cocktails flooding the place. Surely, you may find some strip clubs that offer such shows. However, there are some clubs that are not providing such shows due to certain club policies in the area. To know more, below are some of the types of strip clubs.

Nude -Nude strip clubs are known to feature stage/lap dance performances that are nude.

Topless – Topless strip bars only present stage/lap dances performances that are topless.

Bikini – Bikini strip club is a place where entertainers do not remove anything clothing during stage/lap dance performances.

Gowns – Gown strip clubs is a club wherein entertainers wear gowns instead of lingerie, bikinis or costumes.

Liquor – In case that you are looking for a place to drink, liquor strip bars are the best options since they have a full bar.

BYOB -Individuals can also find bring your own beer club wherein individuals are allowed to bring their own alcohol.

Juice bar – Juice bar clubs are known to serve non-alcoholic beverages.

Contact and No Contact – Contact strip clubs are a place where customers can touch dancers. On the other hand, n contact club is a place wherein customers are not allowed to touch dancers.

Trivia Info Source From: silkson19.com


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