Types Of Tennis Courts

Zayed Sports CityTennis is one of the most popular sports activities individuals opt for since it offers numerous benefits that can help improve physical as well as mental abilities. However, in order to experience the best in playing tennis, you need to play in well-made tennis courts. To know more, below are the most common types of courts.


Clay courts are made of compressed shale, stone, or brick. This type of courts are easy to install. These courts are also inexpensive to maintain. However, you need to make sure that water in clay is balanced to ensure an even and hard surface. This type of courts are used in the French Open.


During the past, grass tennis courts are very common. However, due to its maintenance, more and more venues opt for artificial grass. However, when playing in real grass, individuals can experience better and faster games due to its low bounce capacity.

Hard courts

Hard courts can range from faster to slower speeds depending on the quantity and size of sand mixed into the paint coating. Sadly, this type of court is rough on the body due to its hard surface.


Carpet courts are removable tennis court surfaces. These carpets can be made from any of several materials, from artificial turf to hard rubber.

Trivia Info Source From: www.zsc.ae


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