Common Demolition Methods

DemolitionPerthWAWhen talking about demolition, most homeowners think of huge equipment wrecking their house. Of course, demolition experts make use of equipment to make their tasks easier and safer. But, they also make use of numerous demolition methods to accommodate your needs. To know more, below are the most common demolition methods you can opt for.

Crane and Wrecking Ball

This is the earliest methods of demolition wherein the wrecking ball is installed in excavators and other mechanical equipment to hit structures. As a result, experts can demolish structures easily.


This method involves the cautious deconstruction of a structure to preserve components for reuse, recycling, or refurbishment. However, dismantling generally more labor intensive than demolition. Because of this, homeowners also need to pay more for their services.

Selective Demolition

A selective demolition is a method wherein it involves the removal of specific interior or exterior portions of a building while protecting the remaining structure and nearby structures and areas.

Mechanical demolition

This type of demolition uses specialized mechanical equipment and tools such as include hydraulic excavators equipped with specialized attachments that can break concrete and steel in order to effectively break the structure apart.


Implosion is a highly-specialized type of demolition that uses explosives to bring down high structures by undermining structural supports so that it collapses within its own footprint or along a predetermined path.

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