Types Of Roofing Shingles

GTRoofingAndGutteringOne of the main factors homeowners need to consider in order to make houses safe and appealing at the same time is by making use of the right roofing shingles. Of course, there are other types of roofing materials homeowners can use. However, shingles are more preferred by homeowners due to its appeal and durability. It gets even better since there is a wide variety of shingles to choose from. Below are some of the following.

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles is the most common used roofing material these days since it offer numerous benefits. These include low price, easy to install as well as durable. However, this type of shingles are prone to crack most especially in areas where climate changes frequently.

Fiberglass shingles

Fiberglass shingles are commonly used due to its strength and durability In addition, fiberglass shingles have high fire rating as well as water resistant. Because of these features, homes are more durable against such disasters.

Slate shingles

Slate shingles is known to be the oldest type of material used in building roof. Apart from that, its lifespan is between 80 to 100 years. In addition, slate shingles offer a unique appearance on houses.

Solar shingles

Solar roof shingles offer two features since it acts as a protective shingle for the roof and an energy producing system.

Trivia Info Source From: gtroofingandguttering.com.au


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