Types Of Recruitment Fees

Robbert MurrayAs of now, business owners outsource certain services to allow them to obtain the best benefits for such venture. In addition, outsourcing services can also help them have peace of mind. But, business owners need to consider the fees they need to deal with before opting for services such as recruitment services. To help you below are the most common types of recruitment fees.

Temporary worker fees

Temporary workers are handled by the recruitment agency. Therefore, the agency retain their expenses from the employer and will command a fee that covers all costs that they stand to pay. These include basic pay, other associate expenses as well as the agency’s profits.

Temp-to-perm fees

There are employers who wish to change a temporary worker’s contract into a permanent one. However, there are cases when the agency is entitled to charge a transfer fee to cover the ‘lost value.’ To avoid this, there are different types of options employers can do such as extending temporary hire or even hire a temporary worker after the completion of their assignment.

Contingency recruitment

Contingency recruitment is known to be the most common and straightforward form of permanent placement these days. This is achieved since an agency only gets paid once a candidate is accepted for the job.

Trivia Info Source From: www.robbertmurray.com


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