Different Types Of Personal Trainer Certifications

Revolution FitnessWhen hiring professionals, individuals first assess their credibility. And, the most important factor to consider is their certifications. With regard to personal trainers, there is a wide range of certifications they can obtain. These certifications help them provide better services for their clients and enhance their lifestyle at the same time. To know more, below are some of the most common certifications.


Certified Strength and Condition Specialists also known as CSCS is one of the most recognized personal certification. This is possible since this certification is offered by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. And, gaining this certification is also one of the most difficult ones since applicants are required to complete a 4-yeat college degree.


ACE also known as the American Council on Exercise has also been one of the most sought-after certifications for personal trainers since they offer a wide selection of certifications. However, trainers with ACE certification need to recertify every two years which can help them be updated with the latest training programs and techniques.


NASM also known as the National Academy of Sports Medicine has been one of the leading certifications needed by personal trainers who focus on sports training. In order to get such certification, you need to comply with certain requirements such as you must be at least 18-years old as well as you need to be a CPR certified and has successfully pass a two hour examination with 120 questions.


American Fitness Professionals Associates known as AFPA is a certification ideal for trainers who focus on using current exercise science, sports medicine and nutrition research. As of now, trainer claim that getting such certifications is very easy since you do not need any prerequisites.

Trivia Info Source From: revolutionfitness.ae


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