Types And Classifications Of Drones

GoAerialsDrones are commonly used these days in different purposes from simply playing, tracking individuals or vehicles as well as taking aerial photos. As of now, more and more individuals are using drones to take phots and videos since drones allow them to safely capture aerial views. But, in order to take the best aerial shoots, you need to use the right drone. To know more, below are some of the most common types and categories of drones.

Types of drones

Small drones – These drones are designed in the form of insects since it only measures up to 50cm long. Small drones are ideal for spying since it can be maneuvered easily.

Mini drones – Mini drones are up to 2m big. Most of mini drones are fixed wings which can affect its maneuverability.

Medium drones – medium drones have an average wingspan of 5-10m. And, it is equipped with powerful engines to carry up to 200kgs.

Large drones – large drones are commonly found military facilities since these drones are used in combats. In addition, these drones are also used to spy on enemies and on active areas.

Classifications of drones

Apart from size, drones are also classified in different groups. These include the following:

Very close range – very close drones are commonly used as toys. It can fly within 5km for 20-45 minutes.

Close range – Close range drones can fly higher and longer due to its powerful battery. Because of this, close range drones can controlled up to 50km for 1-6hours.

Short range – Short range drones can be controlled up to a range of 150km and fly for 8-12hours. Because of this, short drones are commonly used in spying.

Trivia Info Source From: www.goaerials.ae


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