Most Common Tyre Types

Saeedi ProMost individuals think that all tyres are the same. However, most manufacturers offer different types of tyres to accommodate the needs of drivers. To know more, below are some of the most common tyre types individuals make use of.

All Season Tyres

All season tyres are the most commonly used tyre since it can be used for any season whether it is dry or wet. Because of this, individuals can save money in replacing tyres depending on the season. With the use of all season tyres, Individuals can experience good traction and stability and the tread bites the surface to give grip in freezing conditions.

Run flat tyres

Run flat tyres are becoming popular these days since these tyres allow the car to continue moving safely, even once the tyre has developed a puncture and will function even when there is zero pressure in the tyre. By using of these tyres, individuals can also reduce the dangers of a potentially dangerous tyre blow out.

Eco tyres

Eco tyres are designed to help reduce fuel consumption without affecting the tyre or vehicles performance. This is possible since Eco tyres make use of innovative technology to allow manufacturers to improve both wet grip and the tyres rolling resistance.

Performance tyres

Performance tyres are developed to accommodate speed. This is achieved since manufacturers make use of softer rubber to provide better grip and handling.

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