The Most Expensive Plate Numbers In The World

Plate.laIndividuals may notice unique number on vehicles. And, these special numbers are only given to well-known personalities. However, due to its popularity, individuals can now purchase special plate numbers in auctions which are provided by authorities. But, some plate numbers are sold in insane prices. To know more, below are some of the most expensive plate numbers in the world.


The registration “VIP 1” has already been used by popular individuals. Initially, this registration was commissioned to be placed on the Popemobile for Pope John Paul II’s papal visit to Ireland. However, in 2006, Roman Abramovich purchased the “VIP1” for £285,000.

M 1

Mike McCoomb a former mobile phone store owner bought the “M 1” plate number for £330,000 in 2006 after selling this store to BT Cellnet. Reports state that McComb purchased this plate number because it is his son’s sixth birthday.


In 2008, Afzal Khan has purchased the “F1” plate number for a huge £440,000. This is known to be the most expensive number plate to ever be sold in Britain.


Talal Ali Mohammed Khoury is known to own one of the most expensive plate numbers which is bought for 25 million Dirhams (£3,500,000) in 2007.


Saeed Abdul Ghaffer Khouri is known to purchase the world’s most expensive plate number with the single digit “1” at an auction in Abu Dhabi. Mr Khouri, a member of a wealthy Abu Dhabi family has spent £7million for this plate number alone.

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