IPhone Facts You Might Not Know

iphone-6-458150_960_720Each time a new iPhone is released, people often line up for day only to buy one. Today, you might be using iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 or the latest iPhone 7. Here are some facts about iPhone that you might not be aware of.

Interesting Facts About iPhones

The first iPhone was not Apple’s iPhone. It was Cisco Systems that originally patented the name. In fact, they sued Apple for calling its smartphone an iPhone. Both have reached a settlement, and now have happily kept their rights to the name.

The first place to legally download apps is the App Store. Among the most revolutionary aspects of the iPhone was the App Store where users can download apps legally for free.

The processors of iPhone were made by Samsung. Apple and Samsung might be rivals in the smartphone arena; however, this doesn’t stop Apple from letting Samsung make its computer chips.

Purple was iPhone’s initial name. When the iPhone was being developed, “Purple” was its codename. In fact, developers called their section in the Apple headquarters the “Purple Dorm”.

The most expensive part is the retina screen. The Retina screen of an iPhone costs $28.50. But this does not include the assembly, design or even the branding of the phone, which is why it may still costs more than $200.

Did you know that Steve Jobs made a prank call to Starbucks? When he first introduced the iPhone in 2007, he made a frank call to a Starbucks – he ordered 4,000 lattes. Immediately, he cancelled it.

Trivia Info Resource: www.sa.zain.com


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