Types Of Aerial Photography

GoAerialsAerial photographs are very attractive and unique. This is possible due to the skills and knowledge of the photographer. Surely, imitating these shots can be hard, but there are ways to do so. And, the best way is to opt for the right type of aerial photography technique. To help you, below are some of the following techniques you can consider.


Oblique is the most common type of aerial photograph since it is taken looking down at an angle to the ground. When using this technique, individuals can choose from either ‘High’ or ‘Low’. High obliques include the horizon. Meanwhile, low obliques do not include the horizon.

Wide shot

Wide shot technique is used to show the subject in context with its immediate surroundings. Wide shots may be Obliques or Near Verticals, depending on the photographic objectives.


Panorama usually referring to an exceptionally ‘wide’ shot is a techniques used to include a large area of the horizontal view. Panoramas are often produced by ‘stitching’ photos together using computer software.

True vertical

True vertical is a technique wherein the camera is pointing directly down at 90° to its centre point. True Verticals are essential for use in mapping and should be taken as a series of overlapping images or mosaics.

Trivia Info Source From: www.goaerials.ae


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