Fascinating Facts About Grasslands

picture9Grasslands are found on every part of the world except Antarctica. In fact, they make up almost a quarter of the vegetation around the globe. Original grasslands are now used for producing crops. Others are cultivated for corn or wheat production. While others remain to be used as pastures for the production of hay or cattle.

3 Types of Grasslands

1. Moist Grasslands or Humid / Subhumid Grasslands

These are known for their very good climate and fertile soils. Plants in this type of grasslands have very deep roots that help bring air, water, and organic matter deep below the surface. For this reason, almost all mosit grasslands are now converted into fields.

2. Dry or Arid Grasslands

Rain very seldom falls in these grasslands. As a result, grasses don’t grow very tall. In fact, they only grow to as high as 5-24 inches. And these are called shortgrass plains.

Plants in these grasslands have shallow roots because they only depend on the moisture on the upper layer of the soil.

While they can be converted to agricultural lands, human activities in dry grasslands were known to contribute to disasters such as dust storms.

3. Savannas or the Tropical Grasslands

This is a very special type of grassland. While it can receive to as much rainfall as the moist grasslands, it is less able to retain water. The nutrients of the soil are very little so they are more favorable to grasses than tress.

These days, almost all savanna regions in the world are used for raising livestock. Africa is the most popular place to find savannas and they are very famous for their rich wildlife.

Trivia Info Resource: https://www.jimsmowing.net


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