Facts About Triple Glazing

14-412x400Have you heard of triple glazed windows? Do you know what it means?

As the name implies, triple glazed windows are made of glass with 3 different layers. These layers are attached with an air space in the middle of each glass pane. They are becoming popular these days because of their ability to provide better insulation.

Did you know that there are triple glazed windows with only a double layered glass? These are still considered triple glazed windows because they have a thin film or a low emissive film positioned in the middle of the layered glass.

Triple Glazing Benefits

Noise Reduction – Windows usually allow noise to enter your home since they are made of very thin glass membranes. With triple glazed windows, the amount of noise that leaks in your home can be significantly reduced.

Enhanced Heat Insulation – Due to the fact that gas is an efficient insulator, an extra air pocket can minimize the amount of heat leaking through. And this makes triple glazed windows very effective. It will help you save a lot of energy.

No Drafts – Windows begin to have small leaks on their edges as they age. And this can generate drafts. With triple glazed windows, this will not be a problem since they are properly sealed. They don’t allow air leakage through the pane that can result to the formation of drafts.

Trivia Info Resource: www.spectus.co.uk


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