Facts About Legionella And Legionnaires’ Disease

shower-1427304-1280x960Legionnaires’ Disease is one of the diseases that can be acquired while doing the most basic thing every people do every day – drinking water, taking a shower, or steam bathing. The diseases can be contracted through a contaminated water source and can be threatening especially for the elderly.

While Legionnaires’ can be treated, people over 50 years of age and those who have underlying medical conditions are at greater risk of serious illness after contracting it. Here are facts about Legionnaires’ disease you may want to know.

  • The name of the disease was from a 1976 outbreak at an American Legion convention in Philadelphia.
  • Pontiac fever and Legionnaires’ diseases are the two types of diseases that can be caused by legionella bacteria.
  • Since the Legionnaires’ disease shares the signs and symptoms of other conditions, it is hard to diagnose a patient that has Legionnaires’ disease.

Trivia info resource: http://www.aquacert.co.uk


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