Types Of Event Tents

NoFussEventHireOrganizing outdoor events can provide numerous benefits. For one, attendees can enjoy a unique view. Next, business owners can ensure that their events can become more successful. And, outdoor events can provide you with sufficient event space. But, in order to complement your outdoor event, it is best to make use of the right tents. To know more, below are some of the types of event tents you can use.

Canopy Tents

This type of tent is ideal for public events such as carnivals, community day events and flea markets. Canopies are basic tents that are used for shelter from sunlight or light rain.  They do not have a high peak and depending on the size.

Pole Tents

Pole tents are ideal for all types of occasions. These tents have high peaks and are offered in many different sizes and widths. Pole tents are commonly used for larger events such as weddings, corporate picnics and fundraisers.

Cross Cable Frame Tents

Frame tents are the type of tent to choose when installing on pavement, concrete, decks and patios as they do not rely on staking. Other than that, these tents have no center poles underneath which means there are no obstructions.

Structure Tents

Structure tents are ideal for long term installations. This is possible since these tents have no center poles and a heavy aluminum frame which gives them a high wind resistance.

Trivia Info Source From: www.nofusseventhire.com.au



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