Historical Facts About Sports

Sports have already been around for decades. It is quite interesting to know some facts about its history.

The Origin Of Sports

14725478_1564543513571658_347532544436628614_nSports can be traced back to ancient Greeks. It was actually their custom on solemn occasions to engage in races. This passion has led to the first ever athletic fixture – the games at Olympia. This was established based on tradition in the year 776 BC. Also, it is being held every 4 years. Before, it was a one-day athletic meeting with a single competitive event, a running race with a sprint length of about 200 meters. More events like javelin throw, discus throw, wrestling, horse racing, boxing, and long jump were added in the later years.

In the context of class equality and industrial capitalism, sports developed during the Victorian period. Because of technology, nationwide sport developed as well. Professional and amateur sport has increasingly separated. But it is also during this period that working class sport in school became limited to drill and therapeutic gymnastics.

During the World Wars, sports continued for all classes of society. In other words, most of the sports were class oriented. Football became popular. In fact, it became the most popular sporting activity during the 1930s. The government’s involvement in sport was only little whilst sport’s commercialization was rapid.

In 1965, an advisor Sports Council was created. In 1972, the independent executive Sports Council was established. And in the 1944 Act, physical education was established for its educational value.

Trivia Info Resource: www.zsc.ae


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