Common Types Of Hair Loss Treatments

BaselineHairCenterHair loss is caused by numerous factors from anxiety and stress up to changes in hormone levels, heredity and even poor diet. Luckily, hair loss can be prevented properly since hair care clinics offer different types of hair loss treatments. Below are some of the following.

Hair restoration surgery

This process is done by transplanting hair from one part to the infected part of the head. However, there are this treatment has severe drawbacks. For one, this treatment is quite costly. In addition, to gain better results, treatments must be done for several sessions. And, risk of infection and bleeding can be experienced.

Laser hair surgery

Laser hair surgery can help stimulate hair growth using laser light. One of the main disadvantages of this treatment is its costs.

Prescription medication

Some hair care experts can also provide individuals with prescription medications. These mediations show results after three to six months of continuous use. Sadly, individuals who discontinue these prescription medications may notice that hairs begin to fall.

Non-prescription topical solution

This type of hair loss treatment can be directly applied on the scalp to promote hair growth. In addition this treatment is available on the market which can help individual have better access.

Natural Supplements

Natural supplements like herbs, vitamins and natural ingredients can boost hair growth. But, this treatment is only ideal for hair loss cause by poor diet or hormonal changes. Plus, experts claim that this treatment does not cause any severe side effects.

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