Causes And Types Of Dental Discolourations

APA AestheticTeeth discolouration is one of the main issues individuals experience. Because of this issue, individuals may experience anxiety since teeth discolouration can affect appearance and confidence. Luckily, there are treatments that can deal with this issue. But, before opting for dental treatments, it is best to know the causes and types of dental discolouration. Below are some of the following.

Chromogenic compounds

Chromogenic compounds can cause yellow, brown or burnt orange tooth staining. This discolouration is caused by the dark compounds found in products individuals consume such as coffee, tea, cola, wine, tobacco, etc.

Age-related darkening

Age-related teeth darkening can be noticed due to its yellow, brown or gray colouration. This is experienced since the thickness of a tooth’s enamel layer typically becomes thinner.


Tetracycline tooth stains can be yellow-brown or possibly blue-grey in color. These discolourations can appear as isolated areas or lines but more likely involves broad bands or whole-tooth discoloration. This is experienced since compounds become incorporated in the tooth’s enamel and dentin, and as a result changes their color.

Surface staining

Surface staining occurs due to the accumulation of debris on the surface of teeth can result in white, yellow, tan, brown, black, or possibly even green discolorations. This staining can be also caused by consumables like foods, beverages, tobacco products or oral rinses.

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