Facts About Didgeridoo

03Didgeridoo is a sanctified Australian Aborigine instrument, arguably one of the oldest instruments in humankind’s long strong of history. If you type didgeridoo into your search engine you will see hundreds of sites about this instrument that tackles many information from history to present use. Each didj has a key or root note, and they can be made of several types of wood, some better than others. Placed on the mouthpiece is bee’s wax which makes for an airtight seal against the face as well as protecting one’s mouth from getting cut by sharp edges.

To use it, place your mouth in the whole at the top of the hollowed wood upon the bees wax coating. Then you vibrate your lips against the edge of the wood, filling your cheeks with air at the same time to keep the sound constant. The sound never stops and this is because you circular breathe-in through the nose and out through your mouth at the same time. Many people find this difficult to learn but there are artists who teach the techniques on how to play Didgeridoo correctly and properly. If you’re interested in learning this, you can get a lot of referrals online from qualified schools that teach Didgeridoo techniques.

Info Trivia Resource: https://www.didgeridoodojo.com


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