Popular Drinks In The UAE

1762When visiting UAE, one of the best activities to do is to try out their local dishes. But, these dishes are not complete without trying UAE’s popular drinks. To know more, below are some of the most popular drinks in UAE.


The scent of rich, strong Arabic coffee, or gahwa (also spelt ‘qahwa’) follows you as you walk the streets of Dubai. This coffee is poured from a classical Arabian coffee pot [called a dallah], and served in small cups without handles, usually alongside a platter of fresh dates.

Karak Chai

Karak is derived from the word ‘kadak’ which means strong in Hindi. This Arabian tea has wonder fragrant and can be enjoyed in any café in the city.

Jellab and Qamardeen

Jellab is a blend of grape molasses and rose water, topped with pine nuts and raisins. This drink is popular during Ramadan, as is qamardeen, a thick apricot drink.

Tamar Hindi

Tamar Hindi is a drink made by combining soaked, crushed tamarind with water, sugar and lemon juice. This refreshing drink is perfectly sweet with a tangy kick, and was traditionally served across the Levant by travelling peddlers.

Laban and Ayran

Laban is a cooling buttermilk drink, ubiquitous in the Middle East and easy to find in any supermarket. Iced and salted Ayran is another simple yoghurt based drink of the region.

Trivia Info Source From: www.1762.ae


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